Friday, May 07, 2010

A Bright Reminder Of Why I Am An Unapologetic Idealist.

Wednesday night was so exhilirating, I had to take over 24 hours, to process all of it.
I attended the May meeting for Pax Christi, (St. Jude's chapter).
We had our opening peace prayer
The prayers chosen are always very inclusive, and
(We have featured Native-American prayers, Jewish prayers, Interdenominational, etc.)
I was delighted to see this prayer featured the work of writer Dorothy Day, famed for founding the (socialist) Catholic Worker Movement, which our own fearless leader, Joe Goode asked me to read aloud.
We had our discussions about Peace Moments(we routinely share moments where we felt a presence of Peace); we discussed living non-violently.
We spoke of the new immigration law in Arizona. We are all, absolutely, against such obvious profiling and bigotry. As people of God, we want reform that will allow all(if they wish) to become citizens here.
We all agreed that the USA is quite fortunate to be blessed with such a great mix of people. :)
I offered to cast, and direct "A Line In The Sand", a play written by young people involved with CRS(Catholic Relief Services) and a play that I feel is especially timely, given the increasingly heated debate in the USA, over immigration.
I had first mentioned this play, back in 2007, and am glad we waited.
The play chronicles several scenarios involving undocumented workers from Mexico, the so-called "coyotes" that get them here, and the fear their families endure, seeing their loved ones try to squeeze across the border, just for a job that does not even pay a living-wage.
I hope to get this cast, and begin rehearsing, by late summer, or early fall.
We'll see!
We discussed books written that explore faith and spirituality, whether by metaphor(think:any novel by Flannery O'Connor)or in a biography or memoir(think: "A Persistent Peace", by Fr. John Dear)
The evening was one of connection(all of us offering support for each other's prayer intentions; all of us discussing ways to better live in peace, with one another), and communion(not the wafer-type, but the communion between humans that occurs when the connection is made real, whole, and wholly meaningful).
Every meeting I attend, I am again reminded of why I joined this group--and continued in this journey(I am a charter-member of PCSJ)--it is because it is here that I feel lifted-up, certain that the idealism we all hold in our hearts, and the living example of the peaceful, non-violent Christ we believe in(the only Jesus Christ who existed)and which we try to follow, can be achieved.
We can make a difference.
We will.
Peace, kids.


an average patriot said...

Lisa you are so great, I so envy you guys! You know all I am going to say about regular Mexicans who want to come here to stay home because the border is heating up because of drug cartels.

Lisa Allender said...

Average Patriot--You don't havta envy us...we're WITH YA!
The border is indeed very dangerous,right now.
Where are you based? I'm in Atlanta-area.