Friday, July 09, 2010

Endowing Louie's Death, With Meaning.

Oh, this is still so difficult.
I had the great pleasure of my cuz Gigi's company, and got to meet her new life-partner, the very gorgeous, exotic, quiet(did she have the choice of speaking, when cuz Gigi and I are together?!) Natalya. What a great couple they make!The food, the love shared between us, the time well-spent was gratifying, and uplifting.
But still.
I live in a too-quiet house, and miss the sound of one squeak-toy after another being squeezed by a big-mouthed Golden Retriever named "Louie".
"Afton", our calmly affectionate German Shepherd, misses him too.
Started sleeping in his doggie-bed. Carries his toys around.
Nestles at night, next to his "blue-dog"(which still smells like the tobacco-y,baby-powder-y scent that was The Lou), a ratty old toy that used to look like a floppy-eared-dog.
I know he had a great,long life.I know I should be grateful.
And God knows, there is more than enough (large, larger) tragedy in this world, than my losing my best buddy, "Louie".
But right now, it still hurts.
However, tomorrow(Saturday, July 10th), the GRRA(Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta) is holding a "Doggie-Wash" at the Red Bandana Pet (Supplies) Store, in Marietta on Dallas Road.
10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
We'll be there, with our "Afton", for a shampoo for her, and to donate to the great Rescue Group from whom we adopted our beloved "Lou".
For just 12 dollars you can give hope--- and give life --- to doggies(Goldens, Labs, etc.) they (GRRA) rescue from being sentenced to death, at Animal Control.
To donate, or to simply see updates and news from GRRA, check out the link on this page, to Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta.

Maybe writing and sending cards to others(I bought a bunch of cards the other day, thinking now is the time to re-connect with those I seldom see), and donating $$ and time to worthwhile causes, will help me feel better.
Give his death, a bit more "meaning".
Peace, kids.


婉婷 said...

No garden without its weeds.............................................................

Selma said...

Give it time, Lisa. The way you write now and have written about your beloved pets in the past has given meaning to their lives. You have also convinced me that if I were to get another dog in the future it would only be a rescue dog.
Thinking of you XXX

Lisa Allender said...

First commenter--Thank you.
Selma--How generous of youto say that through my writing, I givemeaningto their lives! Wow, huge compliment--especially coming from perhaps the best writer on the net!(Your blog, "Selma in the City" always inspires, even when the subject matter is intense).
And May God continue to Bless You--and whatever companion animals you may choose! :)