Friday, September 03, 2010

It's All Good.

On second thought(see my most recent post, below, written only seconds ago), I have to say that all those interests have helped make me, ME. I won't be giving up(any of)my interests.
But what I will do, is concentrate even more, on my acting. I would never have guessed I might be more marketable now as an actress, and a "woman of a certain age", than when I was a young thing, but life experience informs who we are, and that of course, feeds us as actors. :)
Lots of Blessings, and Love, sent out to all of you. The blogosphere, especially Blogspot, and other Bloggers have been so kind to me, and offered continuing support.
May all of you find the joy I feel, at having been given new chances, to create!
Peace, kids.

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