Sunday, December 12, 2010

Warm Mugs of Cocoa.

It's been too long since I've updated my blog.I'm sorry. Really sorry.
The fact is, I have been in a hurt and hurting state for quite some time.
Our family's loss(see my most recent post, below)began the hurt, and mental connection to not just one, but two different characters(for films) that I've been working on becoming--both of whom are desperate and hurt in their own ways, and one of whom is despicable in her acting-out of violence on others...have ratcheted up the pain I've been feeling.
But....good news! First, the short-film entitled "Just Us", is wrapped.
I'll be able to see excerpts, and then the entire film, very soon!
(In it, I have, according to wonderful Director Reggie Price, a "small, but pivotal role" as the heroin-addicted mother of three girls)
And "Unspoken Words", the Feature-Length Film from award-winning filmmaker, Henderson Maddox, will wrap soon! (In it, I play Benetha(pronounced like "beneath her"),a hard-drinking, hard-smoking, cruel foster-mother of 13+ children).
In the Spirit of the Holidays/Holidaze, I've been making homemade hot-chocolate every night, and brewing Jasmine Green Tea(iced-only, for the hubby, Hansoo)and catching-up by phone with dear friends and family.
Looking forward to feeling "attractive" again, since right now, I can't CHANGE the way I look, since I chose to look "very rough" for Benetha(that means no brow or face waxing, no manicure, no pedicure, no hair cut or color, etc.).
During the film, I am "aged" "a hard 14 years", meaning the brilliant make-up artist, Renonda Anderson, aged me 20-25 ugly-years(since Benetha drinks and smokes, she would not age gracefully), and it works well for Benetha.
But I swear, I (me-- Lisa Nanette)am going to go crazy applying glam-makeup, once "Unspoken Words" is wrapped.(sigh). May be headed to Saks Fifth Avenue's Cosmetics, and then Sephora, immediately following the finish of "Unspoken Words".

In the More-Holiday-Cheer-Department:
I recently shopped Pier 1 for their fab UNICEF Holiday Cards...Love those. Have been giving those nearly every years, for over 25 years, because:
* Children create the designs.
* Children directly benefit from the proceeds of the cards.
Delicious, incredibly decadent, White-Chocolate-Raspberry-Cake at "Alpine Bakery" in Crabapple area of Alpharetta. Yum-meeee. :)
Here's to bright dreams coming true for all of you kids out there in Blog-land and Facebook-land.
Peace, kids.

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christine said...

I know you don't smoke. So here's my question: How do actors smoke in a film if they don't smoke in real life?

I hope you get to go on your make-up shopping trip very soon! Congratulations on all these great projects–the writing, acting, and poetry readings.