Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Loves: family, fresh air, faith, films, and poetry.

So I am dealing with loss (Casandra), exhaustion(not complaining, it just "is what it is") due to my doggies becoming demanding(I have less time for them, so they are 'acting-out', a bit).I also love feeding and caring for my (very beloved) in-laws, and would not have it any other way....but then I also have, mixed in with a lot of (bad) stress, tremendous creative exhiliration as the excitement builds towards the completion of the film, "Unspoken Words".
Casandra is gone, but I am praying for a renewed sense of faith, because this has been so very, very hard. My Mother-in-Law is improving everyday, though it hurts to see her hurting. My Father-in-Law is pretty well, but of course, wounded, seeing his wife so injured. All I can do is cook nutritious meals that hopefully taste great, (I'm doing lots of Breakfasts of omelettes, steel-cut oats with chopped pecans or maple syrup or strawberries, fresh fruit salads, and homemade pecan syrups,Greek potatoes, etc.; for Lunch: curries, stir-frys, curried eggs, spinach salads with berries and apples, brisket(I love "Jewish" food),spaghetti sauces including veggie ones, and ones with carmelized vidalia onions with pancetta(Italian Bacon);Dinner: soups, stews, tuna melts(with mushrooms and sharp cheddar on a croissant, or sliced apples and white cheddar cheese), fresh salmon patties and rice or soba noodles,etc.,and each time I snip from my herb garden a sprig of fresh rosemary or Greek oregano, I pray for my in-laws'full recovery.
I commence filming again, tomorrow. I am very enthused that we will first be working on younger Benetha(my character ages about 15 years in the film).The most physically demanding scenes for me, will be shot over the next several days, when Benetha is older, and hopefully, I'll be wrapped by July 3rd. The film is expected to be completely wrapped by July 8th. The photo shoot for film-posters, and interviews for press kit, will be on July 10th.
The film's "Trailer Release" is on August 23rd.
I must mention the kinship and love I felt, in two separate events recently:
The Howl-A-Thon at First Existentialist Congregation, in Atlanta's Inman Park, where pal Julie Bloemeke and I delivered Allen Ginsburg lines as we tossed rose petals, a la the 1960's, at an enthusiastic audience.That fundraiser, the brainchild of poet/resident hippie/phrasemaker Rupert Fike, was quite successful (in attracting attention and dollars!) for Atlanta Queer Literature Festival.And speaking of AQLF....WOWSERS!
We had a huge, appreciative audience at the kickoff for AQLF, which I Emceed, at Charis Books last Thursday night.I was thrilled with the diversity present, reading, performing, and sharing the love! I purchased Alice Teeter's award-winning book of poems, "String Theory" and Reginald T. Jackson's "This Morning I Woke Up Black: The Barack Obama Poems".I had Reginald sign my copy, but Alice was out the door before I could let her know I needed her signature. Both books are amazing!
My only regret is that I could not interact with AQLF more, because I had family responsibilities here, which prevented me from going out, and staying out, over last weekend.One of those responsibilities, was lovely little Morgan Catherine, our newest niece(born last September 21st), who came to visit with her lovable Daddy, my bro-in-law, Arthur.I discovered babies are truly cool.
Next big project to finish: A two-part Scrapbook, and Photo Album for my Pax Christi, St. Jude's group, which I will be finishing in mid-July, (with help from a couple of Pax Christi members who offered!)and plan to present at our August meeting.
After that: A "Second Sundays Feature Poet/Author with Open Mic" which I will Emcee, at Red Door Playhouse, in Roswell, beginning in September.Admission will be six dollars, but we will be offering CASH PRIZES at quarterly Poetry Competition/Slams.Our first scheduled Feature Poet will be announced in August. More details, soon!
I hope Summer 2011 finds you all, my readers, followers, and friends, both "real life" and "Facebook life", doing well, and enjoying wild blackberries, sunshine, and fresh air.
Peace, kids.


Galen Pearl said...

Glad to get the update from you. I know the loss was hard. You are dealing with a lot. I hope your summer is renewing and refreshing. All the best to you.

Lisa Allender said...

Galen-- thank you, my best to you too, dear. ;)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

hope the film does well - will it be in theatres?

Lisa Allender said...

Pixies-- I believe it will be in limited release, and of course, will be available in DVD form about a year after the theatrical (movie- house) release. :) thank youso much! :D

Lisa Allender said...

Pixies-- I believe it will be in limited release, and of course, will be available in DVD form about a year after the theatrical (movie- house) release. :) thank youso much! :D

Susan said...

I'm praying for extra energy and strength to be sent your way. Be sure and take good care of yourself as you take such good care of others. My love to Hansoo and your lovely in-laws. You are blessed to have such a wonderful family. I am so proud of everything you do! Love ya, Susan

Collin Kelley said...

You were fab at both the Howl-A-Thon and AQLF. Thanks for being there. Can't wait for the film!

Lisa Allender said...

Susan--Thank you much! :)
Collin--Why, thank you, Coll-Coll.I'm excited, too. :)