Sunday, August 07, 2011

Andrew Pope, of Lawrenceville, Georgia.Guest Editor.

It's been a long time since I posted here at Lisa Allender Writes, but today, Sunday, August 7th, I'm going to be posting from a dear friend's Facebook Notes. My ol' pal, Andrew Pope posted recently about a renewed sense of appreciation, and I think it bears posting here. Below,enjoy kids.

From Andrew Pope, posted on his FB Wall, July 22nd, 2011.

Don't Wait.
I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting since our Australian Sheppard “Jazzy” was diagnosed with lymphoma. We have all shed a few tears and have done a lot of reminiscing since the diagnosis. After discussing it as a family, we decided to do the emotionally driven, illogical thing and go for the chemotherapy treatments. Jazzy is doing well and the lymphoma is in complete remission even with a few months left of her treatments to go. She’s back to tugging my arm to chase squirrels (though not with quite as much gusto) as well as herding the kids as they run around the house and games of tug o war when she’s feeling up to it.

As painful as it has been for the kids (and Bonnie and I), I think we made the right choice even though it is so completely out of character for us to let emotions rule over logic, rationality and fiscal responsibility. Y’see, they can’t kill the cancer (that was not listed as even a possibility); they can only drive it back a bit to give us more time to say goodbye. And we’re willing to accept that as a gift.

The silver lining to the whole situation is this: I have noticed that all of us are much less likely to wave her off when she comes looking for attention or the plain ‘ol expression of love that a dog gets from petting. We've all become even more sensitive to these needs on her treatment days – when her need for the confirmation of our love of her seems to multiply tenfold. It has made us stop taking her for granted; to appreciate her like we did when we first got her from the dog rescue organization. We've returned to treating her like we ought to all treat our loved ones all the time. I will get down on the floor and pet her for extended periods of time. I am less likely to tug her along when she stops overlong (for what I often feel is a ridiculous amount of time) sniffing this or that indiscriminate spot along our walk route. We’re all playing with her more and pampering her more. We’re even letting her on furniture that used to be off limits. We’re appreciating her more…

It struck me recently how much better off we’d all be if we thought (realized) that there is only a finite amount of time that we have with ALL our loved ones. I’ve begun calling my parents more, just to check in with them. I’m concentrating on staying in touch more with friends and loved ones and trying to reconnect with ones that have become distant. . I’m trying to please my wife more and lift up my kids more that I used to. I’m tying to appreciate them more…

Did you think of someone there? Someone that you think you’ve perhaps started to take for granted? Whether you have or not isn’t important. The fact that you think you may have is enough. Give that someone (at least the first one you thought of) a call. Let them know how you feel. Appreciate them for what they are in your life; a blessing.

Here endeth the sermon.

Thank you, Andrew, for the (uplifting) reminder.Sunday feels like a good day to post this.
Peace, kids.


David Herrle said...

Splendid post!

Lisa Allender said...

David Herrle--Thank you...Isn't it lovely?He's (Andrew Pope) quite the writer, though I'm not sure he realizes it, yet. ;)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

good to see you still out there

Lisa Allender said...

Pixies--Thank you.I'm still here. :D