Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Cold outside, Hot music inside.

Looking forward to "Six Degrees of Separation", at Actor's Express, on their "Rough Cut"/Wednesday night, a kind of pre-Preview night. I'm going to attend with Collin Kelley, and I can't wait. I've seen "Six Degrees" produced by other theatre companies, but I am excited about Actors' Express, because they always. do. theatre. edgier. On Tuesday night, I escaped from the seemingly-constant-replaying-of-worry over Mom, Daddy, and other family members, by flitting off to the coolest Italian place in Alpharetta, "Altobeli's". Tuesday nights feature my fellow-SAG-AFTRA-member, the talented singer, Michael Carlton King. It was a respite from responsibility: a glorious hour or so of 1960's and 1970's hits. Classic standards and R & B, and how lovely to see a few fun folks go out into the below-freezing temperatures, to get to the hot swingin' tunes inside Altobeli's! One cool-couple in attendance: our neighbors, Kathryn and Doug Cueny. Kathryn is probably the kindest soul you could ever meet: she's in our Palisades' Book Club, she's very supportive of the arts (I found out weeks-after-the-fact, that she was the one who arranged for several women from our neighborhood to come see me perform onstage in "The Dixie Swim Club", when Gypsy Theatre Company produced it, in February 2012), she appears to be a very grateful person, too, as she revels in her grandchildren and extended family. When I spoke to hubby Hansoo after returning home, and suggested he have a "respite" too, he responded by saying he wants to come hear MIchael sing, and.....he wants to play golf with him,too. I'm hoping Michael Carlton King will be able to (he's quite the golf enthusiast!), and perhaps Doug will join them. Dear ol' pal, Danny Morrison drove me to Altobeli's, and he enjoyed the banter with Michael Carlton King over various musical artists and songs. Music soothes, and heals. And so does theatre. And poetry. Peace, kids.

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