Monday, January 06, 2014


Stream-of-Consciousness Exercise, today. Here goes, just continual writing for a few paragraphs, no censoring, no worries about "making sense". I think I'm trying to figure out, how I really feel.... Ok, go: Facial masques, my doggies smiling or what looks like smiling, homemade garbanzo bean soup, I want Mom to be well, I love Tina, Tina is being so kind to all of us, Hansoo is working in the cold; I wish he worked here all the time, not faraway. Daddy sounded great on the phone; I need to return a slew of phone calls, sigh. "Appa K" is looking better and healthier, I need gloves, "Omma K" should get some new clothes; I wanna take her shopping. I miss my niece; how fun it must be, to be in college. I miss the every single day of burning-learning. Raisin toast would be nice right now, and so would candy. Good n' Plenty. I wish my boobs were bigger. They are bigger than a decade ago. I love my legs. I'm grateful for good genes. I am proud of my commitment to exercise: wowsa! One mile-2 miles, walking/running every day! Maybe I should cut my hair razor-short. It'd be cool. I dunno, I have a strong jaw; I'd look like a boy. I wish my boobs were bigger. I love my waist. Tiny, girl-ish. I love how Latina and African-American women seem to have fuller lips than us Greeks. We have such tiny mouths. I miss my hubby. I wanna long, slow, sensual kiss. I miss kissing women too, sometimes. Hansoo has a great, smooth, sexy chest. Perfect mouth. Great hair. I need to quit typing. I miss my hubby. I need to do more volunteer work, and I need to focus on something besides my hubby's lips and my missing, kissing. Oh damn, I wonder what's happening with Auburn--they are in the Finals!!! Wait--did I just excited about Football?! Well, it's College, and College Football really IS exciting. Those cheerleaders surely are cute. They always have such great bodies. Maybe I'll dress up for my hubby. I wonder where that teeny-bikini is; I think the top still fits, and the bottoms, uh, probably too tight. Is that thing I read, O.J. Simpson has "brain cancer", true? I'd wish that on NO ONE, but I'm so tired of that Sociopath. I wonder if folks are reading Flycatcher Journal dot org, because that current issue is dedicated to Trayvon Martin, and its really poignant and I wish people would actually care. And read. I need to read a wider variety of books, Been stuck in Literature and Poetry only, with a memoir or two. Maybe I should read a bit of genre'-stuff. "Swimming to Chicago" was great; that's YA Fiction. It was so moving. I can't wait to work with David-Matthew Barnes; I hope we get to complete his Feature Film, "Made From Scratch", this year. I just re-read what I typed, which means I have to stop, or it won't be stream-of-consciousness, any more. Now, where's that bikini? Peace, kids.

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