Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Streamlining the Blog. And my life...

Hi kids! Today--September 29th, 2015--I am committed to re-igniting this blog. Eternal friend Collin Kelley came over and helped me improve this blog today, with an updated template, with pages added, and a fresh new design, and colors, and he also streamlined my links and photo placement. The clutter is gone, and this frees up not only space on the pages online, but it clears the stress from inside my own head.
A smoother, more user-friendly blog:
what a wonderful motivator, to write even more!
There are several poetry contests going on right now, including my favorite site for discovering new poets, The Poetry Super Highway, and the much-lauded Crab Orchard Review.
I plan to enter at least one of these contests, and I am also gearing up for editing--and submitting-- my long-overdue manuscript, "Words From Water", which is my first full-length collection of poetry.
I've also been working on two plays. The first is "The Taste of Shapes", a full-length play about a young girl who has a condition which blends the five physical senses, and the other play is a one-act entitled,  "Grandma Barnes: Indiana Legend", about a real-life woman in early 20th-century Brown County, Indiana, who just happened to be my great-great grandmother!
 I am setting a deadline of November to finish the first play, and early 2016, to finish the Grandma Barnes piece. "Grandma Barnes: Indiana Legend" would be fun to produce and perform in Brown County, at their small theater in the town known as Indiana's "Little Nashville", a quaint and charming place where artists gather alongside Midwestern ranchers and motorcycle enthusiasts.
More later.
Peace, kids.

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