Thursday, September 24, 2015

Who Is She?

Today is her birthday. She is 53, and still as beautiful as she was in her 30's. She's a mom, a wife, a career-person who's navigated public-relations work in the rental car industry, worked as a performer at the most fabulous nightclub of the 1980's: The Limelight in Atlanta; modeled for national calendars and events; worked as an executive in accounting and advertising both in print and in television, and promoted every industry from voice-over and film production, to home-improvement supplies, to bowling alleys, movie theaters and entertainment emporiums, to real estate to film festivals. She's raised an educated, talented, gorgeous, and very grateful daughter, and in the past year--this woman has also dealt with the unceasing loss of her own mom, and the subsequent, unyielding grief of that loss. She is wife to a man who knows he can count on her to be there for him, to hug him when he needs a hug, to fix his favorite meal, to let him do the grilling when he is up for that; to cheer for "his" team. She reaches out to her neighbors, her church, her community. She has a laugh that is so melodic, it makes the birds outside, jealous. She's crazy-funny, and is always up for surprising someone with a homemade casserole, or a plate of crostini. She can be exhausting, because few can keep up with her early-morning pace, her running schedule, her bicycle races for numerous charities and causes: Cancer, MS, Arthritis, to name a few.... She's 53 today, and I'm proud to say, she's my warm and caring sister. You inspire me, Tina Georgette Allender Dudley. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! Peace, kids.

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