Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Today is the day-after-Dr. Martin-Luther-King,Jr.-Day.
My hubby and my "Omma K" and I, celebrated the King Holiday, and the New Year together, at "678" Restaurant, in sunny, but very chilly, Duluth.
Although Duluth is only a few miles from us, it felt much colder. It was windy, and damp, and the day was made warm and beautiful, inside that restaurant, with our server, Aaron, who was as courteous, kind, and speedy as any server could be. He was also incredibly knowledgeable regarding  the various dishes offered, even though he revealed he's only worked there a relatively short period of time. 
We chose the option of unlimited Pan Jun (the various pickled side dishes which come with every South Korean meal) and the 6-types-of-beef "Kalbee", or grilled beef.
When I say "grilled", I mean, at-your-table-using-charcoal-grilled!If you've never experienced this, you simply must go!(Be warned: do not wear any delicate fabric, or sweater you often wear, as you'll need to launder your clothes,immediately --after, as the charcoal scent will "cling" to your clothes. It's not "unpleasant", just strong. EVERYone will know you were in front of the charcoal-grill for dinner!)
But, Yummmmmm. And this meal is finished with a huge bowl of noodles with a mild Kimchee-like sauce.
 My mother-in-law very generously treated us to this elaborate meal. "Omma K" rocks.
On the way home, after we'd finished grocery shopping, we stopped in at "Bobba Mocha", a delightful cafe' where the "Bubble Tea" is the very best! I was so touched by the array of humanity gathered there (Indonesian and Malay Muslim women, in hijabs, young Black American children, South Korean students, doctors and nurses from India and Pakistan, two smiling blond teenage girls, an African-American mom, coral-ling children from at least 4 different ethnic groups), that I shot video of this cute eatery. I then posted--of course--said video, on Facebook. Because it was Dr. King Holiday, and "....this is who we are--America is for everyone."

We are nearing February, and that means my hubby and I are headed towards our 9th Wedding Anniversary, on February 10th.
I never wanted to get married; I felt I was "too selfish", too dedicated to becoming a better actress, and later, to becoming a better writer, to fully commit myself to a thing like....marriage.
And what did "marriage" mean, anyway? Hadn't my parents--who loved each other passionately and unselfishly, sacrificing for us-their children, and for each other-- hadn't they had a great, fulfilling marriage? And that great marriage, had ended, anyway.....
I was certainly a confirmed "Marriage-O-Phobe".
And now? Nearly twenty-one years after meeting Hansoo (August 4th, 1995), nearly fifteen years after becoming engaged (August 25th, 2001), and nearly nine years after saying  "I Do." , how do I feel about marriage?
I think I'm incredibly fortunate: 
I have a partner who loves me deeply, passionately, and unconditionally, as I do, him. I have grown more responsible, more centered, more me-- as a result of being in a loving relationship where I'm encouraged to act, to write, to be more whole.
I hope I'm always as encouraging of Hansoo, as he is, of me. As an incredibly accomplished management consultant/logistics professional, traveling throughout the United States and the world, and more recently,  as a successful hedge fund manager, Hansoo often has me looking up,  in awe of him. Younger than me by over a decade, he never stops surprising me with thoughtful gestures, every day:
 My favorite olives, in the pantry or in the fridge, without my asking. (He hates olives, by the way!)
A surprise of elegantly-wrapped, assorted macaroons from the nearby French bakery.
My favorite Jasmine Tea, from the Korean market.
My favorite body-butter (Coconut Body Butter, from The Body Shop), "just because".
I began this entry, wondering if I would end up writing about the (ugly) politics of today, in regards to Dr. King Holiday. As usual, I discovered a new truth, while in the process of writing:
that the ethos of Dr. King is often much closer than politics, or "big-name" politicians, or religious leaders. Sometimes, the ethics and way of life which we recognize and value in great leaders, is closer than we think. Sometimes, you see these same traits, in the person to whom you're married.
I just now, figured this out.
Happy Dr. King Day! Enjoy the rest of this beautiful week. Now, go hug your life-partner.....
Peace, kids.

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