Thursday, March 03, 2016

Find The Good.

So the "March" toward Madness, begins....I've not commented on politics in this forum in a very long time. Partly because I've (rather reluctantly) learned that most folks who read what I post, will do so because of their own political bent, in looking for support for it, rather than searching posts of various viewpoints, to read. This means that the labels I use to tag this post, will--in large measure-- define who reads it.
I can honestly call myself an intellectual, because I define intellectual as someone who is sophisticated enough to engage in a discussion of varying viewpoints. A person can be very intelligent, yet not an intellectual. And intelligent, and intellectual, is a great place to start, but I want to go beyond those, and.....I hope we can get to a place where we can find the good in each political party, or at least the good in each person of a different political affiliation, or philosophy.
I have watched with amusement, some of the televised debates. Then I watched, in horror.
So, here goes:
I do not believe that every person on the "Right"--Republican, or Conservative, or even Trump-supporter, is a racist, or a misogynist, or a homophobe.
I do not believe they are terribly uninformed, or uneducated.
They are angry, yes. But so is the Left.
The Marco Rubio campaign does not scare me, and in fact, I think he's a solid fellow who, one day, probably will become this country's first Latino (he's Cuban) President. (Unless those Mexican Democrat twins from a state in the southwest, do it first!)
The fact that I rarely agree with any of Senator Rubio's views does not change the fact that I recognize his ability to lead in a real across-the-aisle-way, which he demonstrated in working on the Immigration Bill for which even President Obama thanked him. As a member of the LGBTQIA community, many fellow members may (fairly) ask, how can you even consider Senator Rubio, when you identify as Bi? He does not support Marriage Equality.
That is true, he does not support Marriage Equality. But he does support a strong military, and Israel--two causes about which I also feel strongly. He's honest, and has an incredibly compelling back-story: the son of two hard-working immigrants who sacrificed to give him the better life he wants every American, to have a shot at.
I think if the Republican Party is smart, they will get on board the Rubio train, before the high-flying aerial stuntmaster--Donald Trump--descends into a tailspin, and nose-dives into the concrete, below.

I think John Kasich is a decent, true Moderate. He, too, has demonstrated the ability to lead--he's the only candidate who remains among the Republicans running--who has served as a Governor, which means he's had real, Executive-branch, experience. And he said this, when asked if he world repeal Marriage Equality:
"The Supreme Court has already ruled on that. It's the law. I'm ready to move on..."
I think it's a  pity that Republicans/Conservatives did not give Kasich any visible support.
Why didn't he get support? Why didn't March Rubio, get more support, earlier?
Being moderate, and able to compromise, seems to be the issue.
My dear friend Alan asked the question which I'm certain is forming in many of our minds:
"When did 'compromise' become a bad word?"
On the Left, as well. Hillary Clinton has been "bullied" into parroting a lot of the more Left-of-Left viewpoints, (the ones eloquently, though somewhat radically espoused by the venerable old Bernie Sanders) and she has been what I call "Moderate-shamed".
I think the answer is to find the good. There is good on both sides of the aisle, and there must be the ability to compromise--on both sides--or we cannot engage, discuss, move this wonderfully eclectic place called the USA, forward.
Peace, kids.


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