Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Not an ACTUAL bicycle, but I'll explain in a moment...
I spoke with dear friend Collin Kelley tonight.Atlanta weather being what it was, it was impossible to meet for a Christmas evening drink and a hullo...but the chat on the phone was lovely and lively, and as we were chatting, Collin offered "I can update your Blog, Lisa; I'll make it pretty.."
Looks like I've been using quite an outdated template, and in less than 40 minutes, Collin Kelley had the LOOK of my Blog, not to mention the ease with which to post on it, and access it, completely UPGRADED!!

In the next few days, you'll see me trying out new things--more postings from YouTube, music, etc., as the old days of "encoding" are kapppoey!YAAAAA!

After a mini-lesson over-the-phone from Collin, I remarked that this new template is like when you're a child, and you go from riding a tricycle, to a bicycle.
And then, I thanked him for my new bike for Christmas!
Expect to see me do a few "wheelie" maneuvers, soon!



Collin said...

It was a pleasure, Lisa. :)

Poet with a Day Job said...

Hooray for your pretty new blog!

Lisa Allender said...

Thanks, PWADJ!!

I'm loving the color Collin Kelley used! A khaki/ochre he called it...