Saturday, May 01, 2010

Remembering my Sister's Wedding Anniversary...and also, my own wedding!

So yesterday(April 30th) was the fifth wedding anniversary(they wed in 2005) of my sis, Tina and her hubby, Tom.
Their wedding was an intimate, sunny affair, held dockside and with birds flying overhead. My beautifully-blond, sunny sister had chosen the perfect venue for her: filled with lightness, and sweetness.
They live faraway, so I celebrated here in my house in Georgia, by looking at pictures of that exuberant couple, and of us celebrating at their wedding.
Later at night, Hansoo(my husband) says, "Hey, remember I told you I'd look for that cd from our own wedding?"
"The one that has, like, 900 photos on it?"
"Yeah, that one..."
So, I ended up looking at all 900-and-something(no kidding, our marvelous wedding-photographer snapped that many!),and was tickled to see so many of Tina & Tom enjoying themselves, at our own wedding.(We married on Feburary 10th 2007).
The fact that may surprise you all who are reading this, is that I never saw most of these pictures from our own wedding, at all.
Because shortly after our wedding, after reviewing only a few dozen photos, I began to be absolutely "sick" of my own face. It was just dizzying...
I simply did NOT want to be saddled with "choosing" the 300 photos we were allowed for the huge wedding-album Heidi Hofman(our photographer)was creating for us.
So I gave that responsibility to Hansoo, who did a great job of selecting a mix of photos of family and friends for us, which then went into our official album.
But seeing all 900+ photographs last night(he put them in a slideshow setting, so I could watch it, hands-free, on computer) was amazing!
This time, now three years since our wedding, I could enjoy seeing my "young" face lit up in joy, and what was especially rewarding was seeing all those moments everyone experienced---and that I lived---captured!
The shots that made my lip, tremble:
my sis(and my Matron-of-Honor) Tina, kneeling, struggling--with a smile-- to get my sky-high heels onto my feet, and later shots of Breaz(my sweet niece)looking inquiringly, as I peered into the mirror.
I loved seeing my vibrant Aunt Carolyn Service(my Daddy's sis), dancing, doing kicks, and tilting her head towards me, in the way she often does, whenever we are photographed, together.It made me cry, epecially since Aunt Carolyn, on the 7th of April of this year, suffered a heart attack, and is taking some time away from her Florida Sherriff's Deputy job.
This photographer was so good, she captured everything from my nervous glance at my Dad--John, before we began the march down the aisle, to my entreating my Mom--Demetra, and cuz Gigi, onto the dance floor with pals and bridesmaids Coral and the tear precariously perched just below Hansoo's left eye, as his family's dear friend, Mr. Gavin, gave a heartfelt toast. I recall Hansoo was deeply moved when Mr. Gavin spoke of how proud he was of Hansoo's many accomplishments, and especially when he spoke of Hansoo's Hominee'(maternal grandmother), who because of infirmity, could not be with us that night.
There are a couple of great shots of Mary Jean and Joe Goode, dancing a slow dance, towards the end of the reception, and they look as in-love as any pair of teenagers(they are my beloved friends from my Pax Christi group, and they are now both in their 70's). Musician, songwriter and poet, Kodac Harrison looks beguiling, as he dances with dear friend, Ellen Lindquist.Poet pal Dustin Brookshire is boogeying with the very strawberry-blond, tall and sexy poet, Jess Hand, and on and on it goes....
I saw shots of the crowd, taken near the end of the reception, and a couple of exhausted-looking folks(that would be Hansoo & I), and I was so excited seeing my dress again, I actually went to my bedroom closet, and searched through my "wedding box", just to run my hands over the silk, once again.
I hope Tina & Tom, in celebrating their five years together, are lifted-up in knowing how grateful we(Hansoo & I) are, in having them, and so many great family and friends, here for for all of us.
Happy Anniversary to that couple we saw wed, dockside, in Florida.
Happy Anniversary, Tina & Tom.
I hope my memories of my own wedding, trigger happy ones of your own.
Our photos, coming soon. Three years, after-the-fact.
Peace, kids.


christine said...

Joyful memories like these give me the warm cuddlies. Happy anniversary to you and your sis.

Estelle said...

What wonderful memories. 900 pictures and 900 thoughts of those delicious moments. Thanks for writing so beautifully about the beginning of your committed time together!

Estelle (20 years April 7)

Lydia said...

Congratulations to your sis and hubby on their anniversary.

And. Now. Finally. We get to see a photo of your wedding dress. Soon? I have been anxious for a few years now!

Lisa Allender said...

Christine--Hi. Why, Thank you,honey! :)
Estelle--Hi there. Thank you for the compliments!
Lydia--Oh, thank you.
And yes--we're selecting, and loading(the pics!), soon!

BlancaMcleroy1230 said...