Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Collin Kelley is my Time-Management Muse.

Does anyone out there have any tips for better managing time?
Although I am able to work from home,and I have many distractions(two dogs; renovations currently ongoing here at house;numerous e-mails and Facebook Friend messages to check, etc.), I still feel I should be more "ahead" than I am.
Some things that I do right:
1) At night, when I'm planning to do a scrub or face-mask, I make sure I wait to do my e-mails until I've applied it, so I can answer e-mails and check Facebook messages while my skin is getting prettier.
2) I do laundry and fold clothes, while catching up with family by phone(I use the "speaker" feature).
3) After washing my face, and applying moisturizer, I then take my shower so that the moisturizer can "sink in" so that when I get out,if I'm applying make-up--it will go on faster.
4) I use e-mail for almost all correspondence. Lately, I prefer private-messages sent via Facebook. Faster, easier.
5) Rarely use the phone at all, except for family.
6) Cook large quantities of food, so I can freeze it, and then heat up later.
Any suggestions for accomplishing more writing, in less time?
I'd surely appreciate it!
If you don't understand the title of this entry, just checkout my eternal friend and poet pal, Collin Kelley's blog, Modern Confessional, and you'll see what I mean.


Collin Kelley said...

It's really just an illusion. It's 5% time management and 95% complete panic. :-)

Lisa Allender said...

Collin Kelley--Well, you surely make it look easy! ;)

Mark said...

I suggest that you make time to slow down and not try to do so much. Write when you are inspired, write at the same place, be comfortable and remove distractions. Time is important however when you are in the flow time seems to stop.

Lisa Allender said...

Mark--Yes, I tend to say "yes" to alot,of things, andmy priorities get shuffled. I'm also making my seating at my desk/computer, more comfortable, re. your suggestion.
Thank you for visiting, and peace to you. Come again! :)