Sunday, December 01, 2013


HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND! Happy to live here, have the freedom and luxury of thoughts, and words.... To those of you who live "across the pond", and around the world, my Thanks and Gratefulness to all of You, in all your glorious countries--I am making a real effort in the coming months, to do some serious traveling. And to the fine doctors, kind nurses, patient (patient as in the subject they are caring for, as well as these sweet nurses' demeanor) case-workers and God--however you "define" Her/Him--the greatest gratefulness. This year has been, as I've detailed in several recent posts, quite challenging. Our Daddy--John Robert Allender, 77--is doing much better, due to his diligence in embracing and practicing--daily--his physical therapy. I was once told he might not ever stand upright again, but.....he's now walking! He MAY be able to transition out of the Rehabilitation Center he is currently in, in Florida, sometime later next year. Our Mom--Demetra Leonora Allender, 74--is doing better-than-expected, and is recovering from her Never-Smoker, Non-Small-Cell, Lung-to-Brain, Stage 4 Cancer....she is, as her Oncologist says "In the lucky 1%, who have these results..." My Father-in-Law, Ho Chang, "Big Henry" (he's 5'6") Kwon, who just turned 80, suffers from Prostate Cancer and recently, has begun suffering from a second type of cancer--Bladder Cancer. His wife, Young Sook, 73-- is visibly depressed by all this, though I am hoping to help her get help in coping, soon. My husband, Hansoo Kwon, has been amazing through this, and I am lucky to have him as my partner. I head to Florida with Mom, (who's been staying with us since Oct. 16th) to check on Daddy in person, and see several other family members, too. Sis Tina will get to have our Mom back home with her, by next weekend. The time melted away from us; it always has.... Again, much gratefulness to all of you, everywhere. Keep the warm thoughts, good energy, kind meditations, and yes--heartfelt prayers--coming. We send them to you, as well. We are One. Peace, Y'all.

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