Saturday, January 04, 2014


Well, kids, it is January 4th and the New Year looks brighter than I ever expected.... While we as a family are still reeling from all the parental-illness of the past year, I can say I am buoyed by my resilient family, my always-kind friends, and you, dear readers... I have made only a few Resolutions this year, so I can actually achieve them: * Drive! My biggest failing in life, is my confidence (or lack, thereof).It affects my mobility, as I seldom drive(and I have a beautiful car sitting in our garage!). * Submit more writing. I've already begun doing this. I have a children's book to submit, a play to finish, and lots of (new) poems. See a poem of mine, just published in December, in the Current Issue of Flycatcher Journal: * More CONFIDENCE. I need to get New Headshots, and pursue my acting full-out, full-on. * If and When my Family needs me, to be available--as I have been the past year-- with extra energy and patience. And finally, to help in that promise, to exercise and do more meditation, every single day! I've (so far!) been walking/running every day now, at least 1-2 miles. I'm meditating now, twice a day: morning and night. What are YOUR promises to yourself? Peace, kids.

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Emily Walsh said...

Hi Lisa, I was actually reading up on your posts and had a quick question. I was hoping that you could email me back when you get the chance, thanks~